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We Know the Improvements of Madden NFL 18 on Xbox One X 

Meanwhile, this week, Homefront: The Revolution, NBA 2K18 and The Elder Scrolls Online joined the catalog of productions that Xbox One X will protect within its confines, today we have to add the name of one more: Madden NFL 18. The work developed by EA Shark has been available since August for both the traditional variant of the console as for PC and PlayStation 4, however, the relevance today lies in the improvements you will receive thanks to the support given by the most powerful platform in the world, which they were already detailed by the study.

In this regard, in an interview with Xbox Wire, Seth Christie, technical director of the title, commented the following: "The graphics have been improved thanks to the support 4K Ultra HD and the performance is improved thanks to the constant 60 fps along the game experience. When you combine 4K Ultra HD, constant 60 fps and additional improvements like an increased level of camera detail, you'll immediately notice and feel a difference in the dive. "

There are more argument about this. For players we just want to have more fun  in game. If there is Madden 18 coins in this platform, hope it’s not as hard as other platforms for transferring. "This means that elements such as players' helmets and their faces become more realistic, giving you the feeling that you are there inside the stadium," he said. He also assured that "there is still room to improve the experience within the next few years" and that "our games will continue to take advantage of these technologies to offer realistic experiences to our fans in their homes", arguments that make us consider that, ignoring the spectacular quality presented, we are still in the power to receive an even more reliable emulation.